X is removing ability to hide checkmarks for premium users

X is eliminating the ability for Premium users to hide their blue checkmarks, according to a notification received by multiple users on Thursday.

Just like a lot of decisions taken by X, there is no definite timeline as to when the hide your checkmark feature will go away.

Once a status symbol, the blue check lost some of its luster after X shifted to a paid verification system under Elon Musk’s ownership. A blue check then just became an indicator that the account holder paid for a Premium subscription. The feature was also abused by scammers and online impersonators, and some blue checks became the target of online harassment or mass blocking. X eventually rolled out the blue check to accounts with more than a million followers, covering most living celebrities (and some dead) as well as public figures.

The company recently eliminated the segment detailing the procedure for concealing the checkmark feature from the X Premium support page prior to dispatching notifications to users. This functionality was exclusive to subscribers in the premium tier, not accessible to those in the basic tier.

“As a Premium or Premium+ subscriber, you can choose to hide your checkmark on your account. The checkmark will be hidden on your profile and posts. The checkmark may still appear in some places, and some features could still reveal that you have an active subscription,” the description read.

The change comes shortly after X unexpectedly began adding blue checks to the accounts of “influential” users with at least 2,500 followers who pay for a premium subscription. While Elon Musk suggested that change was meant to be a perk, some of his critics — including formerly verified users — were less than pleased with the blue badge appearing on their accounts, lest others suspect them of actually paying for a subscription.

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